Community Transit



Stop Driving, Start Dreaming

Community Transit and Everett Transit are ready to fly you to work on bus routes designed especially for Boeing-area workers. Non-Boeing employees are also welcome to board and deboard at public bus stops.

Bus Service Direct to Boeing
City Route
Arlington 227
Everett Everett Transit
Gold Bar 277
Granite Falls/Lake Stevens 280
Marysville 227, 247
Monroe 277
Mukilteo Everett Transit
Snohomish 277
Stanwood 247
Sultan 277
Other Commute Options to Boeing

If bus service doesn’t work with your schedule, consider carpooling or vanpooling.

Both are also great ways to save money and reduce stress. Community Transit currently has over 90 vanpools to Boeing-Everett, many of which are looking for new riders. The pick-up points and schedule for the vanpool are set by the riders themselves. Some vanpools operate on compressed work weeks, on third shift and on swing shift, and some accept part-time riders.

To find a carpool or vanpool, visit Rideshare Online to register in the regional ridematch system, or try Boeing's Commuter Connection, an internal-only ridematching service.

Boeing Commuting Office

Boeing employees can get an extra $60 a month in their paychecks to cover public transportation expenses. For more information, contact the Boeing Commuting Office at (425) 717-6714 or visit them on the Boeing intranet.

What if your child gets sick during the day? Boeing offers a Guaranteed Ride Home by taxi in case a personal or work emergency comes up unexpectedly on a day you don't drive. You must be registered with the Boeing Public Transportation Incentive program to use this benefit.