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Curb the Congestion

Save more. Stress less.

It pays to choose a smarter trip.

Curb the Congestion offers great rewards. Choose a smarter trip at least eight days a month and you could qualify for:

  • Monthly Rewards: Receive $50 a month for three months!
  • Keep it up to qualify for a $150 drawing each month.
  • Recruiter Rewards up to $100 a year when you refer friends, neighbors or co-workers.
  • Preferred Partner Rewards.


Curb the Congestion is a program to reduce traffic and encourage healthy travel options on congested roadways. The program is operated by Community Transit. 

The following corridors are funded by Snohomish County through developer mitigation and federal grants: 128th Street, 164th Street, 196th Street and Bothell-Everett Highway.

Communities InMotion - I-405 is funded by King County.

Ride the bus, carpool, vanpool, bike or walk instead of driving alone on:

Our Curb the Congestion Specialist is ready to help you plan your trips.

Whether you use one of these streets to drive to work, school, or errands, we can help you find a more relaxing way to get there.

  • 128th Street (between Everett and Mill Creek)
  • 164th Street SW/SE (between Lynnwood and Mill Creek)
  • 196th Street (between Edmonds and I-5)
  • Bothell-Everett Highway (between 128th Street and downtown Bothell)
  • I-405 (between I-5 and Hwy 522)

Curb the Congestion Rewards

Log Smarter Trips on at least eight days a month and you may qualify for the following rewards. Read about recent winners.

$50 Monthly Rewards

Thinking of trying a smarter trip? When you register for Curb the Congestion, you can earn $50 a month for three months to help pay for bus, carpool, vanpool, biking or walking expenses. Eligible participants receive a $50 voucher toward bus or vanpool fare or a $50 gift card for gas or REI.

See $50 Monthly Rewards details and eligibility.

$150 Monthly Drawing

After three months, keep logging trips on at least eight days a month on your calendar to qualify for monthly drawings for a $150 prepaid MasterCard gift card.

See $150 monthly drawing details and eligibility.

Recruiter Rewards

Would you like $25 to help pay for your bus, carpool, vanpool, biking, or walking expenses? Do you have a friend, neighbor, or coworker who travels on 128th Street, 164th Street, 196th Street, Bothell-Everett Highway or I-405? Would they benefit from learning about their options for making a smarter trip?

Tell a friend about Curb the Congestion - we've put together recruiting tips (pdf) to get you started. If your friend registers and logs trips on their Curb the Congestion Calendar, you could earn a $25 voucher toward bus or vanpool fare or a $25 gift card for gas or REI. You must be a current and active participant in the program yourself.

Download your recruiter rewards form (pdf), or email or call (425) 438-6136 to get one.

Preferred Partner Rewards

Get ready to treat yourself for travelling smarter! Curb the Congestion is excited to announce the launch of our new Preferred Partner Rewards. Log at least eight (8) days of trips by bus, carpool, vanpool, bicycling or walking on your personal online calendar to be eligible to receive a coupon for a free or discounted item at a local business. Each month a new business is selected to be the Preferred Partner of the Month.

Your Curb the Congestion Calendar will also calculate how much money, fuel and air pollution you save by not driving alone. Learn more about the calendar.

Personal Assistance

Get one-on-one assistance with planning your trip to work, school, or errands. Our Curb the Congestion Specialist will answer your questions and provide information on options like taking the bus, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling and walking.

For example, if you’re interested in taking the bus to the mall, our specialist can explain where, when, and how to catch your bus. If needed, the specialist may provide maps, schedules, and other information. Or if carpooling to work is a good fit for you, the specialist can help you look for carpool partners.

You’ll have a chance to request personal assistance when you register for Curb the Congestion. Later, you can always request additional help by emailing or calling.

How to Participate


Step 1: Register online. Participants without Internet access can request a paper form. Call (425) 438-6136 or email CurbIt at commtrans dot org.

Step 2: A Community Transit Specialist will contact you to help you plan your trip to work, school, or errands. The representative will also ask you to sign an optional pledge form to reduce your drive-alone trips. Pledging strengthens your commitment to smarter trips.

Step 3: Start making trips by bus, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling and walking instead of driving alone on one of the targeted road corridors.

Step 4: To qualify for rewards, track your trips online using your personalized Curb the Congestion Calendar.

Recruiter Rewards Eligibility
You the recruiter must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Be currently registered in Curb the Congestion.
  • Log trips on at least eight days a month on your Curb the Congestion Calendar.
  • Submit a completed and signed Recruiter Rewards Application Form (pdf) for each new recruit.
  • All Recruiter Rewards forms are subject to verification and approval. Any abuse of Recruiter Rewards will result in ineligibility for all Curb the Congestion incentives and rewards.
  • Recruiter may not recruit self. No reciprocal recruiting.
  • Maximum of four Recruiter Rewards per recruiter per calendar year, while funding lasts.
The person you recruit (recruitee) must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Must not have registered previously for Curb the Congestion.
  • Register for Curb the Congestion and meet the Curb the Congestion eligibility criteria above.
  • Complete and sign the recruitee section of your Recruiter Rewards Application Form within 30 days of registration, naming you on the form as the recruiter.
  • Log trips on at least eight days on his/her Curb the Congestion Calendar during the following calendar month.
Each recruitee may name a maximum of one recruiter. Eligible recruiters may choose one of the following rewards:
  1. $25 TranBen Voucher good toward bus or vanpool fare. For bus fare, voucher must be redeemed at an ORCA Customer Service Center or participating retail outlet. For instructions on using voucher toward vanpool fare, contact your vanpool customer representative.
  2. $25 Chevron or Shell gasoline gift card.
  3. $25 REI gift card.
Distribution of Recruiter Rewards
  • Recruiter Rewards will be awarded to eligible participants after the recruiter and recruitee complete the requirements above, including logging trips on at least eight days during the same calendar month.
  • Participants are responsible for ensuring a correct mailing address is listed in their user profile at
  • Please allow up to six weeks from time recruitee completes trip calendar for rewards to be verified, processed, and mailed.

In addition to personalized commute assistance from a Community Transit Specialist, the following resources can help you improve your trips.

Carpool and Vanpool
  • Find a carpool or vanpool for your daily commute or for regional events.
Bicycling and Walking
  • Puget Sound Traffic Cameras: Traffic cameras for state roadways, plus information on freeway congestion, commute times, construction and closures, road conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Reduce traffic congestion and improve quality of life by promoting transportation by bus, carpool, vanpool, bicycling and walking.
  • There are three:
    • 164th Street SW/SE (between Lynnwood and Mill Creek)
    • 128th Street (between Everett and Mill Creek)
    • 196th Street (between Edmonds and I-5)
    • Bothell-Everett Highway (between 128th Street and downtown Bothell)
    • I-405 (between I-5 and Hwy 522)
  • Choose “Other” from the drop down list on the registration form. You will be contacted by a Community Transit Specialist to help you plan your trips. You may be eligible for other Community Transit programs, but you will not be eligible for Curb the Congestion program incentives.
  • The following corridors are funded by Snohomish County through developer mitigation and federal grants: 128th Street, 164th Street, 196th Street and Bothell-Everett Hwy.   Communities InMotion I-405 is funded by King County. The program is operated by Community Transit.
  • The Snohomish County Department of Public Works identified these specific road corridor because they will benefit the most from this type of program based on the existing infrastructure (i.e. roads, bike lanes, sidewalks, and transit facilities), constraints to further improve the road, and development patterns.

    Community Transit has also identified all three roads as “transit emphasis corridors.” This means Community Transit supports an integrated vision of land use planning that includes a balanced mix of investment in roadways, land use decisions supportive of transit market development and a long-term commitment to transit services.

  • Choose "None" or “Other” from the very top of the employer list on the registration form.
  • Anyone 16 or older who makes eligible trips on the selected corridors can participate in Curb the Congestion. Any participant may qualify for Recruiter Rewards and $150 Monthly Drawings.

    Note that any participant who started making smarter trips on the selected corridor more than 6 months ago may not qualify for $50 Monthly Rewards.
  • There is no single way to reduce congestion. Rather, we need a multi-faceted approach. Curb the Congestion is part of the overall solution by increasing public awareness about transportation choices and eliminating some of the barriers that keep people from trying an alternative to driving alone.
  • Community Transit uses the tracking calendars to:
    • Confirm participant eligibility for program incentives. 
    • Determine the number of vehicle trips removed from target corridors.
    • Measure increases in bus ridership, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, and walking on selected road corridors.
    The act of logging trips also helps you:
    • Notice opportunities for making more of your trips by bus, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, or walking.
    • See the money you save and the good you do for your environment.
  • Pledging is not a requirement of the program, but it is encouraged.  We know it can be hard to change a daily practice, such as always driving alone to work.  Pledging reinforces your commitment and helps you set and reach your goals.
  • Your personal information will remain confidential and is only used by Community Transit to send you requested materials and incentives. Community Transit will not sell, distribute, or otherwise disseminate your information to any third party. Information given by participants, both contact information and commuting information, will be kept confidential, unless authorized by you for the purposes of finding a carpool, vanpool or bicycling/walking buddies. Entry constitutes permission (except where prohibited by law) to use prize winners’ names, hometowns, and any text submitted for the purposes of promotion on behalf of Curb the Congestion.
  • A Community Transit Specialist will contact you directly to arrange getting your prize to you.
  • Community Transit will contact you approximately 10 days after the end of the month to notify you of eligibility. You will receive an email or phone request approximately four weeks after the end of the month asking you to follow instructions to select your reward. Approximately two weeks after you successfully select your reward, you will receive your reward by U.S. mail. Please watch for related emails and U.S. mail during this time frame.
  • Community Transit will comply with the IRS reporting requirements for prize winners. According to  IRS instructions, a Form 1099-MISC is required for any person receiving over $600 in prizes and awards. For those prizes where there is an issue of what the actual worth of the prize is, the IRS regulations defining the fair market value of a prize will determine whether or not a 1099-MISC is filed. Recipients of prizes qualifying for a 1099-MISC must agree to provide the information necessary for the 1099-MISC in order to receive their prize; they should expect to receive their forms in time to file their appropriate tax returns. For prizes worth less than $600, it is the recipient’s responsibility to comply with all relevant IRS income reporting guidelines.
  • To count as a bus trip, you must not drive alone on a selected corridor. Our specialist can help you find another way to get to your park & ride, such as by local bus or carpool. If circumstances require you to drive alone to a park & ride, then consider reducing other drive-alone trips you make on selected corridors, such as to errands or leisure activities. However, it is permitted, but not encouraged, for 128th Street participants to drive to the McCollum Park & Ride to meet a bus, carpool, or vanpool. This is because the McCollum Park & Ride is at the edge of the corridor.
  • You must make at least one trip a day on eight days in the calendar month and meet other eligibility requirements in order to qualify for a rewards.
  • If there is more than one person in the car for the commute, then the hybrid vehicle may count as a carpool. Driving alone in a hybrid vehicle may reduce fuel usage and emissions, but does not reduce traffic congestion. Therefore, Community Transit does not recognize hybrid use alone eligible for prize drawing eligibility.
  • There are a number of reasons for this.
    • First, a primary goal of the program is to promote bus, carpool, vanpool, bicycling, and walking to remove drive-alone trips. A motorcycle can qualify as a carpool if more than one person is riding the same cycle.
    • A second goal of the program is to encourage commuting methods that increase roadway capacity. Even given the relative size of a motorcycle to a car, there is still an issue of the number of vehicles using our county’s roadways. We believe that the best way to encourage people to use fewer vehicles overall is to encourage methods that promote personal or community connections, such as riding the bus, carpooling, vanpooling, biking, or walking.
  • Power-assisted bicycles qualify as a bicycle in this program. Motorized scooters of any type, whether meeting license requirements or not, count towards the program only when more than one person is sharing the commute, for the same reasons as listed above for motorcycles.
  • Yes, as long as it is a method of transportation where the foot is in contact with the ground, it is eligible in the “walking” category. This would therefore include skateboards, jogging, rollerblading, and non-motorized scooters. Trips made by wheelchair are also eligible in the "walking" category, as long as the trip replaces a drive-alone vehicle trip.