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Mountlake Terrace

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open at Mountlake Terrace Transit Center

The City of Mountlake Terrace has installed 10 electric vehicle charging stations in the lower lot of the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center. The charging stations represent yet one more sustainable feature of this innovative transit center, which also boasts solar panels and low-energy lighting.

Because of its sustainable features, the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center was awarded Green Globes designation by the Green Building Initiative.

There is also more bus service than ever before to the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center: Routes 110, 112 and 119. These routes provide more connections to locations within Snohomish County.

Transit Center Facts
  • Four-story, five-level garage and surface parking lot with 880 total parking spaces (660 in the garage, 220 on the surface lot).
  • Access to all garage levels on glass elevator for increased safety.
  • Covered pedestrian bridge from transit center garage to freeway station.
  • Covered bus shelters and waiting areas.
  • Bike lockers and bike racks.
  • Lighting and security cameras.
  • Artwork created by students at Mountlake Terrace, Edmonds-Woodway and Scriber Lake high schools as well as by professional artists.
  • The transit center features “green” construction:
    • Solar panels feed energy back into regional power grid.
    • Energy-efficient lighting and reflective paint in garage to maximize lighting conditions.
    • Native landscaping used to help reduce stormwater runoff into local streams.
    • Construction of the garage used recycled concrete and other materials and daylighted an underground stream.
    • Ten electric vehicle charging stations, serving up to 20 vehicles, allows electric vehicle owners to use a credit card to pay for charging their parked cars.
Bus Service at MLT Transit Center
Community Transit

(No service on Sundays)

  • Route 110 - Edmonds-Mountlake Terrace
  • Route 111 - Brier-Mountlake Terrace
  • Route 112 - Ash Way-Mountlake Terrace (via 44th Ave)
  • Route 119 - Mountlake Terrace-Ash Way (via 76th Ave)
  • Route 130 - Aurora Village-Lynnwood
  • Route 413 - Swamp Creek-Seattle
  • Route 415 - North Lynnwood-Seattle
  • Route 810 - McCollum Park-University District
  • Route 871 - Edmonds Park & Ride-University District
  • Sound Transit
  • ST Express Route 511 - Ash Way-Seattle (M-Fri)
  • ST Express Route 512 - Everett Station-Seattle (M-Sundays only)
  • ST Express Route 513 - Eastmont-Seattle (M-Fri)
  • King County Metro
  • Route 347 - Mountlake Terrace-Northgate

  • The Mountlake Terrace Transit Center project was funded by the Federal Transit Administration and Community Transit in partnership with the City of Mountlake Terrace, WSDOT and Sound Transit.