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Vanpool Program

Vanpool Program

Community Transit vanpools must begin or end in Snohomish County. Vanpool coordinators provide support for group formation, driver orientation, vehicle maintenance and rider recruitment. Call 1 (888) 814-1300 for more information.

A vanpool is a group of 5-15 commuters who ride to work together in a van provided by Community Transit. Vanpools generally follow a set schedule and route, but unlike a bus, these are set by the riders themselves. Fares are based on the size of the van and the daily round-trip mileage. Fares cover all gas, maintenance and insurance.

Vanpool Forms

Current Riders
  1. Child Rider Agreement
  2. Monthly Vanpool Report
  3. Vanpool Agreement
  4. Vanpool Operator Agreement
Potential Riders
  1. Formation Checklist
  2. General Program info
  3. Vanpool FAQ
  4. Vanpool Fare Schedule
  5. Vanpooling Benefits
Vanpool Driver Orientation

All vanpool drivers must have at least 5 years driving experience and possess a valid driver’s license. Before you can be scheduled for Vanpool Driver Orientation, you will need to obtain a copy of your driving record from the Department of Licensing (DOL). This report must be a five-year record and will say “Volunteer Organization/Transit Authority” at the top of the report. Any other type of record that does not contain complete information will not be accepted. You will need to visit your local Department of Licensing to make the request, or you can obtain a copy immediately online at You will be charged $13.

Once you obtain your driving record fax or email it to one of the vanpool coordinators listed below. Please write your vanpool number and daytime phone number on the fax. The driving record cannot show any moving violations or preventable accidents within the past 3 years.

To request Vanpool Driver Orientation, which can be done online, or if you have any questions please contact a vanpool coordinator. 

Pay Your Vanpool Fare Online

We are now providing an online payment option for individual vanpool fares using debit/credit cards or e-checks.

To pay a vanpool fare online:

• Find out the amount you owe and your four-digit vanpool ID from your vanpool bookkeeper.

• Visit

• Enter your four-digit group number, for example, 1111. Then enter your name and payment amount.

• Enter cardholder information.

• Enter your payment card information.

• Agree to the terms and conditions and submit payment.

• You will receive a payment confirmation email, please print a copy for your bookkeeper or forward it to your bookkeeper.

o You can delete any personal information from the email before forwarding it to your bookkeeper.

The credit card vendor we use charges a fee for online payments: for credit and debit cards the fee is 2.5 percent, with a minimum charge of $2. For E-Checks there is a $2.00 flat fee.