Community Transit


Alderwood Mall

Take Community Transit to Alderwood Mall, and you’ll save money and stress along the way. Plus, when you shop in Community Transit's service district, you help support public transportation.

  • Five bus routes serve the Alderwood area (pdf) from all over Snohomish County. Buses run frequently, Monday through Saturday.
  • Buses every 20-30 minutes most of the day.
  • Lynnwood Transit Center has plenty of parking nights and weekends, and is a 10-minute bus ride from the mall.
  • Sound Transit ST Express Route 535 provides service six days a week from Lynnwood, Bothell and east King County.
  • To visit stores east of I-5, such as Old Navy, see Route 196.

More Places to Shop

Community Transit buses can get you to all sorts of shopping destinations around Snohomish County.