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Budget & Financial Info

Budget & Financial Information

Community Transit budget documents are provided here to give easy access to important information about agency revenues, expenditures and financial status.

You may review the 2014 Budget by downloading the document from the provided link. Previous years' financial documents are available below.

Sales Taxes Support Transit

Sales Tax RevenueIn Washington state, voter-approved sales taxes are the primary funding source for public transportation.

The residents of Snohomish County have voted for transit on several occasions throughout our 37-year history. Thanks to that support, Community Transit receives 0.9 percent sales tax revenue within our service district, the maximum authorized for transit agencies under state law. That's 9 cents of every $10 taxable purchase that comes to Community Transit.

Sales tax revenues usually account for 65 to 70 percent of Community Transit's operating budget. During the recession, sales tax collections dropped about 20 percent. They have only recently begun to increase.

To highlight Community Transit's funding source, and to help transit as well as local businesses during the recession, the agency launched a Buy Local for Transit campaign. Buy Local for Transit urges Snohomish County residents to shop locally so sales tax dollars could help boost the local economy.


* Projected. Source: Community Transit 2014 Proposed Budget Summary


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