Community Transit


Buy Local for Transit

Community Transit receives nearly 70 percent of its funding from voter-approved sales tax revenues to provide public transportation services in Snohomish County. As consumer spending in our county dwindled during the recession, so did revenues for our transit services.

Because of these economic challenges, Community Transit reduced expenses, laid off a third of its workers and cut 37 percent of its bus service, including all service on Sundays and major holidays.

What you can do

Buy Local for Transit! We encourage you to shop at local businesses within Community Transit’s service district to help stimulate our local economy.

By supporting business in your neighborhoods, you are re-energizing our economy to save jobs, sustain our communities and support transit.

What does Buy Local for Transit do for me?
  • strengthens your local economy
  • encourages small business growth and development
  • more personalized shopping and service
  • convenience of products and services close to home
  • environmental benefits of shorter commutes to make purchases
Where should I shop?

Shopping at any business within Community Transit's service district helps our transit agency. By patronizing any retail, dining, entertainment, hospitality or service industry, you are Buying Local for Transit.