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LTC Repainting: "B" Bays Close 8/30

August 26, 2016

9:41 AM

The project to repaint the passenger bays at Lynnwood Transit Center continues. The project started in early August and will take approximately two months.

Bays are being painted by row in alphabetical order: A, B, C, D & E. As each bay row is closed for painting, buses that serve those bays will be redirected to the corresponding E bay, i.e., buses that serve B1 will serve E1, etc.

The E bay row is located on the southern end of the transit loop toward the freeway.

The A bays were painted first, and those bays will re-open on Aug. 27.

On Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 27-28, the RideStore building and public restroom will be painted. The restroom will be closed both days.

Beginning Tuesday, August 30, the B bays will be closed for repainting for approximately two weeks.

Please visit http://www.communitytransit.org/ltcpainting for more project details and to see an aerial picture of the transit center bays and assignments.

Where to catch your bus:

Other details to note:

Because the bay reassignments may be on the other side of the transit center, please arrive earlier than usual to catch your bus. For your safety, use the two crosswalks when crossing the transit center loop, especially when emerging from between fenced areas.

Labor Day, 9/5: Local Service; No Commuter Svc

August 23, 2016

3:23 PM

Monday, September 5 is Labor Day. Community Transit will operate Sunday Service, which means:

Sound Transit will operate Sunday Service on Monday, September 5.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

Rtes 270,271,277: Stop Closures in Sultan

August 16, 2016

11:42 AM

Sultan Street Improvement Project Will Close Stops for Two Months

Starting Monday, August 8, the following stops will be closed for two months due to construction on 4th and 5th Streets, between Hwy 2 and Alder Ave.

The stops that will be closed include:

Please use the following regular and temporary stop locations during this project:

Rte 270 & 271 to Monroe, Snohomish and Everett:

Route 277 to Everett:

Routes 270, 271 and 277 to Gold Bar:


Commuter Rtes: Stewart St. Closures Start 8/1

July 29, 2016

2:59 PM

Stewart St. Lane Closures Expected to Delay Morning Service Commute Starting Monday, 8/1

Commuters Encouraged to Take Earlier Buses, Consider Other Routes

Remember back in April when Downtown Seattle construction closed lanes on Stewart St., resulting in buses caught in traffic back-ups as they tried to exit off I-5?

Well, those Stewart St. lane closures will be back starting Monday, August 1 (and continuing on and off throughout the month of August.)

Here is some information and tips to consider to help make your commute a little smoother:

However you choose to commute, be safe and thanks in advance for your patience during these road closures!


Rtes 119,130,810,871: MLT Reroutes 7/29

July 29, 2016

11:42 AM

Expect Reroutes Friday, July 29 for Tour de Terrace Parade

Routes 119,130,810,871 Will Reroute Starting at 4 p.m. Today

On Friday, July 29, from 4 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.,56th Ave W will be closed between 220th St. SW and 236th St SW for the staging and presentation of the Tour de Terrace Parade in Mountlake Terrace.

All buses serving the following routes will operate on 58th Ave. W:

Please board and de-board Routes 130, 810, and 871 on 58th Ave W, at the following locations:



* Route 119 will serve Temporary Stops on 58th Ave between 236th St SW and 230th St SW.

Sign up for Text/Email Alerts

July 24, 2016

8:00 AM

When buses are rerouted due to construction, or when there are major delays to our service, Community Transit sends out electronic alerts.

You can sign up for e-alerts by text or email by going here. Subscribe to a specific route or park & ride, or several. You can also sign up to receive Community Transit news or employment alerts.

We also provide some service information on Twitter; follow @MyCommTrans.

We do not have the resources to send alerts for minor bus delays. However, we will soon be offering real-time information so you can track when your bus will be at your stop.

Seattle commuters: 18-Month Yesler Project

May 17, 2016

9:45 AM


18-Month Yesler Bridge Project Begins Monday, May 23: Be Prepared for Reroutes and Stop Closures

Starting Monday, May 23, two stops will be closed during the Yesler Bridge Rehabilitation Project in downtown Seattle.

These stops will be closed for approximately 14-18 months:

Thumbnail map of Yeller Reroutes. Click for larger image.

Listed below are Community Transit buses that will reroute during this project. They will serve a stop located south of the closed stops listed above. This alternate stop is located eastbound on S. Washington St. located just west of 4th Ave. S. (Click on the map to view a larger image).

Community Transit Routes that will reroute:

Please board or exit your Community Transit bus at:

Busfinder will be updated to reflect these reroutes and stop closures. Please visit http://www.mybusfinder.org to track your Community Transit bus.

Additional resources: