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How to use Bike Racks

Need help using a bike rack on the bus? In just 110 seconds, this step-by-step video shows you how easy it is. Music copyright Bryan Collins, Composer / Circadian Eyes 2012



Bikes are a smart way to get to or from a bus stop or to meet a carpool or vanpool. Bikes may be loaded or unloaded at any bus stop, including downtown Seattle.

Every Community Transit bus is equipped with a bike rack with space for two bicycles on the front. On Swift, our bus rapid transit, racks that hold three bikes are inside the bus, through the rear door.

Handling your bike is your responsibility - the coach operator cannot assist you.

Here are some bike rack basics.

Before the bus arrives, remove loose items from your bike. For our regular fleet, wait until the bus stops and make sure the driver sees you before stepping in front of the bus.

Unlatch the bike rack at the center handle and fold it down toward you. If the rack is empty, please use the front, outermost position and load your bike into the labeled slots. Raise the spring-loaded support over the front tire. Board the bus and sit near the front where you can watch your bike.

At your stop, remind the driver that you will be unloading your bike, and exit at the front door. Remove the support arm and lift your bike off the rack. If there are no other bikes on board, fold up the rack. Move onto the sidewalk or shoulder and wait for the bus to pass before heading on your way.

If you are traveling on Swift, enter through the rear door and simply push your bike onto the rack in front of you. Make sure that your front wheel is centered and secure under the roller. To remove your bike, pull back firmly and exit with your bike through the rear door.

Visit our bikes webpage for more information about the benefits of using your bike on Community Transit.